My 1979 Cessna 172N

Monday, August 15, 2011

Why haven't I been flying???

My flight training plans have gone a little slower than expected this summer but all for good reasons. My 172 has been in the shop since the last week of July undergoing the avionics and panel upgrade and won’t be finished until August 26th. The upgrade has gone a little longer than anticipated but knowing the work involved and the professionalism of the technicians at Flight Desk Avionics, I’m not complaining… a little frustrated at missing a lot of good flying opportunities but excited about the upgrade and added capability.

We’ve also had visits from some very good Danish friends this summer and had an awesome time showing them a small piece of our little US of A. Søren, Mette, Ramus, Kurt and Casper, it was great to see you all again and we look forward to future visits. Vi ses!

I have three hours scheduled with my instructor Bob on August 27th (N9478E should be back at PVU on August 26th) to shake out the newly upgraded panel and find our way around all the new avionics; Garmin PFD, MFD, GPS, TIS, COM and… maybe even a cockpit camera! Hopefully I’ll have some video to show of the next flight.

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